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What is Soil Stabilization?

Soil stabilization improves the stability of weak soils by utilizing chemical, mechanical, or combined practices to achieve engineered goals. These methods are proven to have a cost savings over traditional undercutting and importing of materials. Typical use products for soil stabilization include, but are not limited to Quicklime, Lime Kiln Dust, Cement & Geotextiles.

Our Process

Soil Stabilization Services from W&D Navis, Wisconsin

Analyze Soils

Analyze soil chemistry for accurate product selection

Soil Stabilization Services from W&D Navis, Wisconsin


Apply appropriate stabilization material: quicklime, lime kiln dust, cement

Soil Stabilization Services from W&D Navis, Wisconsin


Utilize a reclaimer to incorporate stabilization product into native soils

Soil Stabilization Services from W&D Navis, Wisconsin


Roll reclaimed soil with soil compactors

Soil Stabilization Services from W&D Navis, Wisconsin


Grade reclaimed site materials to spec for final density testing

Our Services

Since 1955 W&D Navis Inc. has been a family-run company based in Waupun, Wisconsin specializing in excavating, soil stabilization services, and roll-off dumpster rental. Our Excavating Division performs work in site grading, sand and gravel, demolition, and sewer and water installation

Parking Lots

Building Pads

Asphalt & Cement Roads

Asphalt & Cement Paths or Sidewalks

Specialized surfaces, athletic fields

Soil Stabilization Products


Also referred to as lime (Calcium Oxide, CaO). Quicklime is derived from high quality Limestone deposits through a process called calcination. Calcination is achieved by crushing the limestone to a desired size, heating that material in a kiln to temperatures up to 2000 degrees F causing the loss of carbon dioxide (CO2) and leaving behind Quicklime. Lime is used to good advantage in reducing the plasticity index of the soil while providing the fastest drying option.

Lime Kiln Dust, LKD

Also referred to as Calciment, LKD is a co-product of the Quicklime manufacturing process. As a result of calcining high quality crushed Limestone, the heating causes a chemical release of carbon dioxide (CO2) which ultimately leaves behind two products, Quicklime and LKD. Lime Kiln Dust is a fine powder containing a combination of calcium oxide (CaO), magnesium oxide (MgO) and pozzolans. This product effectively reduces plasticity and can stabilize a wide range of problematic soils.


Cement stabilized soils are an engineered mixture of pulverized in-situ soil, water and Portland cement. The result is a subgrade with bound materials and increased strength. Coarse grained soils are ideal for cement stabilization.


Geotextiles make use of mechanical soil stabilization compared to chemical processes. Geotextiles are puncture resistant fabrics that interlock the subgrade soils, providing increased strength and bearing capacity in places where chemical processes are not considered beneficial.

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